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My Received Files have been gone ???

Well, I don’t know what happened with My Received Files. All files in this folder have been gone. I tried to solve the problem but I can’t. First, about a week ago, all of my naruto manga’ve been gone and now all file in this folder. Only in this folder. Is anything make my harddisk to be like this or something just happens with my fucking window. I really miss all of my torrent files in this folder. I’ve to spend may be half a day to collect all these files again. And that is wasting my time. Think about it, I don’t know is it about virus, trojan or some terrible program or not. I’ve to check all of them again. The fact that I really want to use linux all the time but only some program I’ve to use it in window so I still use window till a day I realise that everything could happen with fucking window. Now the only thing I can do is forget all those files. So sad for me, right?

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