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A Winner And A Loser

1) When a winner commits a mistake, he say I’m wrong
When a loser commits a mistake, he says it’s not my fault
2) A winner works harder and has more time than a loser
A loser always is too busy to do what is necessary
3) A winner faces and solves his/her problems
A loser does otherwise
4) A winner makes things happen
A loser makes promises
5) A winner would say " I am good..but not as good as I want to be "
A loser would say " I am not as bad as others "
6) A winner listens, understand and responds
A loser only waits until it’s his/her turn to speak
7) A winner respects people who are superior to him and would like to learn from them
A loser does otherwise, and will try to find his superior’s faults
8) A winner is responsible not just for his own work
A loser will not dare help others and will say I’m just doing my job
9) A winner would say " There should be a better way to do it "
A loser would say " This is the only way to do "
10) A winner like you will share this with his/her friends
A loser will just keep this to himself/herself because he/she doesn’t have time to share this with others.
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