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Something I’ve to complain

Around this moment, I met lots of people who are related to me as friends and relations. They always ask me why don’t you get a job, what do you want to do or question about my life. I don’t know how to answer all these questions. I only know what I think but how to explain my idea is something I don’t know. How can I say I don’t wanna get a job. No one understands me. A lot of my friends get a job. They’re really happy with what they do or at least they don’t have the question like me. The question that makes me stop thinking to look for a job. I don’t wanna do everything just because everybody do that. I know I really wanna be somebody in the world but the world is so big that is why if I do the same as another people do I would get the same result and I would be nobody forever.
When I was young I thought if I try to study hard, one day I would be rich but after I grew up I see the real world. I see lots of people who finished master degree or doctor degree still work hard for money. It makes me sick cause I misunderstand for long time. Study isn’t everything. It isn’t guarantee that I will get what I want from study hard. I don’t say that study isn’t important. For me, it’s very important but depends on what do you study. My idea is to make money from the weakness of the market. I mean any kind of market. I don’t care if I don’t have salary. I live without money now but I’m convinced that I will get what I want. It’s juat a matter of time. In next 10 years, no one will ask me why don’t you get a job.
I choose the way that just a few people choose but in the end this’s the way that can fulfill my life. No matter how hard I have to try I won’t come back. I’ll do whatever I need to do even to risk my own life. Just to see my dream come true. Just to reach my goal. Just that. …..
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