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Places To Download Retro Games

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As modern day gamers know, the gaming world is now driven by flashy 3D graphics and complex, movie-style scripts. Despite this, older gamers – and many younger players too -believe that retro games are the way to experience gameplay at its very best.

Below are 10 great sites you can visit to download PC classics.

A well-designed and fun-to-browse Web site offering a fantastic round-up of freeware and shareware games. Here you’ll find board, chess, arcade, war games and more, along with some classics, such as PacMan, Tetris and Asteroids. Good reviews and screen shots of each game are also provided, along with the developer’s details.

This is a fantastic and well-designed site providing plenty of free arcade games to play online. There are over twenty categories here, all jam-packed with classic games like "Pac-Man", "Donkey Kong", "Pong" and of course, the legendry "Zork" series. At Play.vg, you’ll also find shooting-style games, sports games, puzzles, Tetris and some word and gambling games.

Dosgames.com contains an archive of over 400 – you guessed it – DOS games. Full games are available, alongside shareware and demos. There is also a handy forum for talking to both new and experienced gamers, and a section devoted to essential utilities you may need when playing classic games.

This impressive Web Site is home to hundreds of MS-DOS games, which you can download for free to play on your PC. All available games are sorted by alphabetical order, so it’s easy to locate your favorites. They can also be listed by genre – such as "classic", "shooting" and so on – and by version and year of release. You’ll also find plenty of interactive features and links.

At this site you will find a large selection of free Flash-based games that you can play online, directly through your Web browser. Java, downloadable and Shockwave games are featured at this site, so you may have to install the necessary plug-ins. The Flash game categories include arcade, puzzles, sport games, cards and board games.

Abandonia is a massive resource for shareware, freeware and so-called ‘abandonware’ – computer software that is no longer sold or supported by its developer. The term also describes software that is still available to buy, but on which further support and development has ceased. Abandonware is technically illegal, but its supporters claim that the copyright holders of ‘abandoned’ games are in no way financially harmed by the distribution of discontinued software.

A collection of free online games that you can play directly through your Web browser. There are various games available here in numerous categories: arcade and action, strategy, flight&shoot, puzzle&board, adventure, sport&racing, and classic games. All the games featured here are rated on a scale by an advanced rating system. The site is frequently updated.

This site provides a variety of online games that you can play through your Web browser, free of charge. All kinds of game genres are available here, such as arcade games, sports games, adventure games, puzzles and more. The site also features a rating system, where after you’ve played a game, you can submit your verdict at the touch of a button.

An easy-to-navigate site with a growing collection of freebie games for you to download. Some of the sections here include arcade, action, platform, puzzle, shooting and simulation games. Each game featured here comes complete with a screen shot – so you can see how the game looks before you download – and also a concise description.

Home of The Underdogs (HOTU) is designed to act as a museum of underrated PC games of all ages. It provides links and information for numerous classic titles, plus downloadable links to discontinued games. HOTU also has a searchable database containing instruction manuals, reviews, hints, fan sites and related information.

From : www.tomshardware.com

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