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Using AnalogX Proxy

Using AnalogX Proxy to share an Internet Connection in a network


Are you’re using Internet Connection Sharing, but not satisfied with the results? You may try AnalogX Proxy server. It is very compact and easy to use. AnalogX Proxy is a small and simple server that allows any other machine on your local network to route it’s requests through a central machine. Run Proxy on the machine with the internet connection and configure the other machines to use the Proxy Server. Supports all Windows Operating Systems.

(Scenario: Windows XP system as the Internet host and a Windows 98 system as the client)

In Windows XP system

    * Download AnalogX Proxy and install it.
    * Open Network Connections folder
    * Right-click the LAN connection, choose Properties
    * Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) from the list
    * Choose Properties.
    * Click Use the following IP Address
    * Type in the IP address
    * Subnet Mask
    * Click OK, then OK.

In the client computers
Configure the system for internet browsing:

    * Click Start, Run and type CONTROL INETCPL.CPL
    * Choose Connections tab and click LAN Settings
    * In the Proxy Server section, type in Mention 6588 as the Port Number (for http)
    * Click OK, OK and close the dialogs.

Setup AnalogX

AnalogX notifies you that the Proxy is in open mode, the first time when you use it. You need to change it to closed mode so that only your local network accesses this Proxy server.

Open AnalogX proxy main screen and type in the Proxy Binding text box.

You need to perform the above steps in each client computer in the network. Now, everything is set and you can browse the internet from the client computer(s). For other applications apart from Internet Explorer, you need to configure the program to use the Proxy Server (if the program allows it).

Example: If you’re performing a Symantec Live Update in a client machine, configure the Live Update interface to use the Proxy Server. Same for any Instant Messengers you might use.

AnalogX and their Port Numbers

List of Services supported by AnalogX and their Port Numbers
Services Description Port Number
HTTP Browsing the internet 6588
HTTPS Browsing the internet (secure) 6588
SOCKS4 TCP proxying 1080
SOCKS4a TCP Proxying with DNS lookups 1080
SOCKS5   1080
NNTP Usenet Newsgroups 119
POP3 Incoming email 110
SMTP Outgoing email 25
FTP File Transfer 21

From AnalogX main screen, you may turn OFF unwanted services by disabling the appropriate buttons. This affects all the client computers and not the computer which shares the Internet. (Example: Disabling HTTP service turns OFF browsing in all client machines. Rest all services work)

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