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The Realness

I talked to myself and below is my conclusion
The realness for me is nothing but opinion.
It depends on their own point of view of someone who try to talk about.
For me as well, the realness of me is just my opinion.
I talk about my realness, your realness, any one’s realness.
I’m so sick when I think about this, when I try to answer myself what is the realness of everything.
If I use language to communicate and you understand what I want you to know, it’s not because language is real but language is only an agreement for human to communicate each others.
And then if I talk about science, some says this is real but I can say any science at first from opinion of scientist who think of their own theory before they test their own and say this is real. If thing happens without opinion how can you think of theory therefor it’s not only for science, it’s for any knowledge.
After human think that knowledge is real, it means it’s real untill someone can show that they have new knowledge that’s real and old knowledge is not real anymore.
So how can you know this is the lastest knowledge that’s really real and will never have a new real one.
And how can you know knowledge you think it’s real will be the same in any condition when human can live in very specific condition such as the world. Other condition human try to think about only on paper or computer. Nothing we can do better. That means why no one accept that realness is nothing but opinion.
When I say something I always say "this is my opinion or my point of view of this story is", but when you say to me you always say "In fact is, The truth is, The realness is". You make me feel like I am the one who know nothing and you are the one who know everything.
Sorry, I don’t blame you if you’re not a kind of human who always talk to me like this.
I just want to say that when I accept what you say, it’s not because I think it’s real but accept that because I think you have your own point of view, that if I was you, I would think the same as what you said to me.
That’s all.
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