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When my eye can’t see anything !!!

Last week, I got some problem with my right eye.
Some little stupid thing was in my eye.
One day later, I felt a pain in its.
My right eye was blind.
In fact, I just couldn’t open my right eye so I couldn’t see anything from it.
I really wanted to go to hospital but I didn’t think I could drive a car.
I decided to sleep a lot and used eye drops.
Hope when I woke up, that fucking thing would be out of my eye.
But it still stayed the same.
So in the morning of the third day of my dark world, I drove a car to hospital. (Amost 20 kms)
I had to use my right hand to close my right eye.
Because I couldn’t just open one eye and close another all the time.
It was really painful.
Load of tear.
And it’s red likes blood.
After I met a doctor and he finished his job.
I saw my blood and that fucking little metal on a cottonbud.
Yes, it’s a small piece of metal that came from heaven and rest in my eye for 2 and a half days.
I’ve no idea how it came into my eye.
I felt better.
But still had to sleep because I couldn’t open and use my eye as usually.
Now, I’ve to wait for a month or more before my eye back into normal state.
But at least, I see the new world.
For me, the worst thing you can see is more more better than when you can see nothing.
Light in the day or dark in the night.
Whatever when I can open my eyes, I try to see.
It’s really beautiful.
I love seeing the world.
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