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Germany Leave It Late

Germany Beat Poland With Injury-Time Goal

Final – Signal Iduna Park Attendance: 65,000
Germany 1 – 0 Poland
Oliver Neuville (90)
Game 17  

90 mins: The three minutes of injurytime are up and there goes the final whistle. Germany have stolen it atthe death thanks to Neuville.

90 mins: GOAL NEUVILLE. Germany’s persistence finallypays off as Odonkor crosses from the right and Neuville slides in tobeat Boruc. Heartbreak for the Poles.

90 mins: Last-minute drama as Lahm’s cross is headedonto the bar by Klose. It drops to Ballack but he too strikes thewoodwork. The ball breaks to Odonkor who fires the ball into the backof the net but by then the flag has gone up. What an escape for Poland.

89 mins: Lahm’s cross is headed clear with Ballack lurking. Poland break but the ball is too long for Jelen.

89 mins: Boruc is finally booked for repeated timewasting.

89 mins: Borowski lets fly from distance and his shot isn’t too far wide.

88 mins: Ballack’s cross is straight into the arms of Boruc.

87 mins: Lahm cuts inside and threads a ball through to Neuville but the offside flag goes up once more.

86 mins: Ballack goes long to Neuville but the striker is muscled off the ball and it runs through to Boruc.

86 mins: Smolarek defends well to stop Schneider working space for a cross.

85 mins: Neuville is flagged offside as he tries to burst clear on the left. A correct decision.

84 mins: In comes the corner but Poland head clear. It’s been an excellent rearguard action by the Poles.

83 mins: Odonkor’s cross is turned behind by Bak for another corner. Before it’s taken Poland bring on Dariusz Dudka for Zewlakow.

82 mins: Lahm dinks a ball over the top for Ballack but it just has too much weight on it.

81 mins: It’s Boruc to the rescue again as he saves superbly from Neuville. It’s all Germany now and they win a corner but Poland clear.

80 mins: Lahm cuts inside and thumps a shot which Boruc saves and Ballack’s follow-up is blocked.

80 mins: It’s one-way traffic now as Germany try and find a way past the 10 men.

79 mins: Ballack tries to take a quick free-kick to Neuville but play is brought back as the ball was rolling.

78 mins: Odonkor’s attempted cross is blocked but Germanywin the ball back and build again. The substitute tries his luck oncemore but Klose’s flick-on drops to the goalkeeper.

77 mins: Tim Borowski replaces the disappointing Schweinsteiger. The Poles bring on Mariusz Lewandowski for Krzynowek.

76 mins: Klose gets a flicked header to the free-kick but is drifts narrowly wide.

75 mins: A red card for Sobolewski after being shown asecond yellow for tugging down Klose. Poland will have to play thefinal 15 minutes with just 10 men.

74 mins: Smolarek almost gets in but Mertesacker defends strongly and clears his lines.

74 mins: Ballack continues to spray the ball around in quarter-back style but Germany can’t profit.

73 mins: Odonkor gallops down the right but is well tackled by Zewlakow.

73 mins: Klose’s cross is cut out by Bak.

72 mins: Bak does well to cut out Ballack’s searching pass.

71 mins: Smolarek needs treatment after being fouled but is okay to continue.

70 mins: Metzelder is booked for clattering Smolarek. Germany make another switch and bring on Oliver Neuville for Podolski.

69 mins: Ballack does well to win a tackle and play Klose down the line but Bosacki comes in with a strong tackle.

68 mins: Ballack finds Odonkor on the right and his lowcross to the near post is turned behind for yet another corner. They godeep this time but Poland come away with the ball and Odonkor is bookedfor tugging back Jelen.

67 mins: A quarter of the contest to go. Can anyone make a breakthrough?

66 mins: Mertesacker gets his head to the corner but can only guide it over the bar.

66 mins: A corner to Germany on the right.

65 mins: Ballack is back on the pitch after brief treatment. He’s furious that he wasn’t allowed back on earlier.

64 mins: Frings’ free-kick is blocked but the ball comes back to Klose whose shot is beaten away by Boruc.

63 mins: Sobolewski, already on a yellow card, foulsBallack but escapes further punishment. Before the free-kick Odonkorreplaces Friedrich.

63 mins: A half-chance for Klose but he scuffs his shotthrough to the goalkeeper. Germany press again and Frings has a shotcharged down.

62 mins: Germany are preparing to bring on David Odonkor.

62 mins: Ballack floats one for Klose but the striker is penalised for a high boot.

61 mins: Poland are having a decent spell now although they can’t find the killer pass.

60 mins: Polish goalkeeper Boruc takes a chance as he side-steps Klose before clearing.

59 mins: Ballack’s forward pass is too long for the German strikers.

58 mins: Ballack is booked for a trip on Jelen.

57 mins: Jelen cuts inside and hits a fierce shot from just outside the box but it’s straight at Jelen.

56 mins: Schweinsteiger has been a real disappointment so far and needlessly gives away possession again.

56 mins: The crowd gasp as Ballack’s back pass isn’t a million miles away from being cut out.

55 mins: Krzynowek hits a deep one but Bosacki is penalised for a push.

54 mins: Good possession by the Poles and they win a corner.

53 mins: Schneider is incorrectly flagged offside as he pops up down the left.

52 mins: Jelen finds Baszczynski whose cross evades all the red shirts.

51 mins: Schweinsteiger’s cross is met by Ballack but hecan only get the slightest flick. The ball comes back from the left andKlose appears to get in Ballack’s way and the chance goes begging.

50 mins: Germany win a corner down the right.

50 mins: Ballack is starting to run the show now but histeammates are letting him down. This time Schweinsteiger wastespossession before conceding a free-kick.

49 mins: Ballack again picks out Schneider but he wastes it with a poor cross.

48 mins: Boruc takes an eternity to take the free-kick and is perhaps lucky to escape with a booking.

47 mins: Frings tries to pick out Klose but the striker is penalised for a foul as Boruc comes to the edge of the area to intercept.

46 mins: Ballack plays another of those gloriouscrossfield passes to Schneider but the right-sided midfielder loses outas he tries to cut inside.

46 mins: Germany get the second 45 under way.

Half-time: Germany 0 Poland 0

45 mins: The half-time whistle goes and it’s 0-0. ButGermany must wonder how their Polish-born strikers Klose and Podolskimissed two fantastic chances to put the hosts in front.

45 mins: After a sweepign move, Lahm crosses from theleft for Podolski who seems certain to score but somehow he guides hisright-foot shot wide of the far post.

45 mins: One minute of added time to play.

44 mins: Poland are caught offside but Germany are angry the play is pulled back as Schweinsteiger is about to break upfield.

43 mins: Corner to Poland on the right. Lehmann can’t hold it but Germany hoof clear.

42 mins: Ballack tries to find a way through midfield but he’s eased off the ball.

41 mins: Podolski gets in behind but the Poles get backand his shot is blocked for a corner. Boruc comes for it and palms theball away for a throw.

40 mins: Podolski does well to hold off his man and teeup Schweinsteiger but the midfielder is leaning back and thumps hisshot well over the bar.

39 mins: A long punt drops for Zurawski but he blazes over from a narrow angle.

38 mins: Christoph Metzelder tries to get on the end of the free-kick but the Polish defence holds firm.

37 mins: Ballack picks out Klose with a floated pass and the striker wins a free-kick after being climbed upon.

36 mins: Lahm’s cross is headed back by Klose at the far post but Schneider’s shot is blocked.

35 mins: Podolski turns sharply in the box and tests Boruc’s reflexes with a left-foot strike.

34 mins: Zurawski is caught in possession but Jacek Bakdoes well to hold off Podolski as the German striker tries to burstthrough the middle.

33 mins: Germany press again and win another corner,this time on the left. Ballack is slipping as he gets his head to itand the Poles clear upfield.

32 mins: Schweinsteiger picks out Friedrich with a great long pass but the full-back’s cross is poor.

31 mins: Schweinsteiger’s corner is headed clear at the near post and Poland then win a free-kick.

31 mins: Ballack finds space outside the area and islucky to win a corner as his scuffed shot takes a slight deflection.Schweinsteiger’s delivery is poor again but Germany win another.

30 mins: Schweinsteiger curls a disappointing free-kick into the hands of Boruc.

29 mins: Ballack is caught by Radoslaw Sobolewski, who deservedly gets booked. Free-kick to Germany.

28 mins: Jelen is proving a real handful and is set freeas Schweinsteiger loses the ball. He goes for goal but his weak shot isstraight at Lehmann.

27 mins: Zewlakow gets behind the German defence. He hasthe chance to shoot from a narrow angle but tries to pick out Jelen whocan’t reach the cross.

26 mins: Zurawski strikes the free-kick but it hits his own player Smolarek and Germany clear their lines.

25 mins: Frings is unhappy as a free-kick decision goes against him 30 yards from the German goal.

24 mins: Jelen does well to get back and dispossess Philip Lahm.

23 mins: Klose heads the corner clear and when the ballcomes back in Lehmann makes an easy catch. The Poles will be happy withtheir start to the game though.

23 mins: The lively Jelen causes more concern in theGerman defence who concede a corner. Frings heads it clear and Zewlakowblasts over. It takes a deflection though and the Poles have another.

22 mins: Ballack shows good skill to play in Schweinsteiger but the offside flag goes up.

21 mins: A golden chance for Klose to put Germany infront but, with just the goalkeeper to beat, he heads Lahm’s left-wingcross wide of the post. To be fair the goalkeeper did well as he madehimself big and possibly put Klose off.

21 mins: Jelen almost gets in behind the German defence. He goes down but nothing is given.

20 mins: Ballack sprays a ball out to Schneider but his pass to Schweinsteiger comes to nothing as the Poles snap at his heels.

19 mins: Smolarek almost gets his head on the free-kick but Germany clear.

18 mins: Jelen does well on the left before Michal Zewlakow screams in pain as he’s gently fouled by Schneider.

17 mins: Klose’s buccaneering run is brought to a halt as he’s deemed to have pushed his way through.

16 mins: Germany break down the right but Friedrich can’t get his cross in.

15 mins: The free-kick fails to clear the first man. A waste.

14 mins: Torsten Frings gives possession away carelesslybut Ballack gets back to concede a throw. Poland then win a free-kickto the right of the penalty area as Smolarek is felled.

13 mins: Ebi Smolarek slips as he tries to take a crossfield pass.

12 mins: Schweinsteiger slips as he takes it and it curls behind before landing in the arms of Boruc. Check those studs Bastian.

11 mins: Schneider is brought down and Germany go on the attack again. They win a corner after good play by Arne Friedrich.

10 mins: Ballack finds Klose in the area and the striker’s low left-foot shot is well saved by Artur Boruc.

10 mins: Good play by Maciej Zurawski. He picks up theball midway inside the German half, drives towards a goal and when itcomes back to him he tests Jens Lehmann with a low shot.

9 mins: Poland go long again but there’s no red shirt anywhere near it.

8 mins: A loose ball from Schweinsteiger drifts straight out of play.

7 mins: Lukas Podolski gives Poland a free-kick after fouling his marker.

6 mins: Poland push forward for the first time and win athrow on the right. They keep possession before a big punt upfield goesastray.

5 mins: Germany press Poland in their own half and Bastian Schweinsteiger has a shot charged down.

4 mins: It’s a feisty old start and Ireneusz Jelen gives away a free-kick. Poland have clearly been told to get stuck in.

3 mins: Klose tricks his man but then goes down under achallenge. Play on says the ref but the next Polish tackle is penalisedand Jacek Krzynowek is shown the yellow card.

2 mins: Miroslav Klose contests a header in the box but concedes a free-kick.

1 min: Bernd Schneider snaps into an early tackle andthere’s an early touch for Ballack as Germany try and make progressdown the right.

1 min: There’s a magnificent atmosphere in the stadium as Poland get the game under way.

Pre-match: Michael Ballack celebrates a long-awaitedcomeback from a nagging calf injury as Germany prepare to take onstruggling Poland in Dortmund. Chelsea’s recent signing had been restedin the opening 4-2 victory over Costa Rica in Group A but now returnsto central midfield at the expense of Werder Bremenดs Tim Borowski. Itspells the only change in Jurgen Klinsmannดs starting XI, without-of-form defender Arne Friedrich granted another chance to provehimself at right-back. Poland boss Pawel Janas, under fire following adismal performance in last Fridayดs 2-0 loss to Ecuador, keepsinfluential midfielder Miroslav Szymkowiak on the bench, startingIreneusz Jelen instead. Bartosz Bosacki also replaces Mariusz Jop indefence. History clearly favours the tournament hosts who have neitherlost to Poland (10 wins, four draws), nor lost an international infront of a Dortmund crowd (12 wins, one draw).

Germany Poland
1 Jens Lehmann Artur Boruc 1
3 Arne Friedrich Jacek Bak 6
16 Philip Lahm Marcin Baszczynski 4
17 Per Mertesacker Bartosz Bosacki 19
21 Christoph Metzelder Michal Zewlakow 14
13 Michael Ballack Jacek Krzynowek 8
8 Torsten Frings Arkadiusz Radomski 16
19 Bernd Schneider Ebi Smolarek 15
7 Bastian Schweinsteiger Radoslaw Sobolewski 7
11 Miroslav Klose Ireneusz Jelen 21
20 Lukas Podolski Maciej Zurawski 9
23 Timo Hildebrand Lukasz Fabianski 22
12 Oliver Kahn Tomasz Kuszczak 12
4 Robert Huth Dariusz Dudka 17
2 Marcell Jansen Seweryn Gancarczyk 3
6 Jens Nowotny Mariusz Jop 2
18 Tim Borowski Mariusz Lewandowski 18
15 Thomas Hitzlsperger Piotr Giza 20
5 Sebastian Kehl Kamil Kosowski 5
22 David Odonkor Sebastian Mila 13
14 Gerald Asamoah Miroslaw Szymkowiak 10
10 Oliver Neuville Pawel Brozek 23
Grzegorz Rasiak 11
D Odonkor for A Friedrich (64) M Lewandowski for J Krzynowek (77)
O Neuville for L Podolski (71) D Dudka for M Zewlakow (83)
T Borowski for B Schweinsteiger (76) P Brozek for I Jelen (90)
Yellow Cards
Michael Ballack (58) Jacek Krzynowek (3)
David Odonkor (68) Radoslaw Sobolewski (28)
Christoph Metzelder (70) Artur Boruc (89)
Red Cards
Radoslaw Sobolewski (75)
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