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How To Download Streamed Video.

I watched a streamed video today and wanted to save it.
Usually, I could use flashget to do this job but today I found a site that avoid flashget to download the stream.
So I’ve to find other free software to do the job.
And this is a software that work perfectly for me.


GetASFStream version

I think this is a japanese software so I don’t understand everything when I go to download page but that’s ok.
Finally I know which link I have to click to download software.

Download Page >> http://www.vector.co.jp/soft/dl/win95/net/se263613.html
Download Link >> http://www.vector.co.jp/download/file/win95/net/fh347467.html


How to download streamed video.
MMS or ‘Microsoft Media Server’ protocol is Microsoft’s proprietary network streaming protocol.

1 Download the setup file for GETASFSTREAM.
2 Find a Windows Media Stream that you want to rip (Any MMS protocal just fine).
3 Find a MMS protocol link (If you don’t know how, Read section below).
5 Copy the copied text into the URL box of GETASFSTREAM.
6 Click ‘DIR’ in GETASFSTREAM To choose a location to store streamed video.
7 Click ‘Exec’ in GETASFSTREAM.
8 Wait for the process to finish.
9 You will find the full streamed video saved in the location you choose, which you can view offline and do what you want with.


How to find a link which starts with the MMS protocol.

1 Click the link once to launch it in Windows Media player and close windows media player, and then right-click the link and save the resulting file on your computer, if you dont play the video first, often when you click ‘Save Target as’ you just get prompted to save a html file.
2 Open the file you just saved in notepad or another text editor
3 Copy the link which starts with the MMS protocol



(Copyright by NOZ)

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