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I Am A Sex Addict (2005)

11 September 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

It was very long time since I see a film 2 days in a row.

This film is base on a real story of a director/producer.
It’s all about sex but not a pornography.

The positive of this film is the way it tell story and some funny animation in the film.
But the negative is a bit boring film.

Maybe because it’s not a lot of beautiful woman but just a below average guy and average woman.
But I’ve to accept that because it’s base on true story so the producer cast actress base on real woman in his life.
And it’s very similar when I see real woman in the film (The film insert real home movie footage of several) compare with actress.

In fact that I see the film and think about myself.
At first, I really think I’m a sex addict too.
But I feel better now.
I’m not what I think I used to be.
Just a normal person who needs sex.

Or at least I think I’m pretty normal now.

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