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How to Recognize Minimalist Style

Minimalism is exactly what it sounds like – minimal items or patterns showing in the decor. Here’s how to identify minimalist style.


STEP 1: Inventory the room visually. Furnishings will be spare and spaced widely apart in the minimalist room.
STEP 2: Study the furniture. Its lines will usually be simple, perhaps Parsons-table styling or classic pieces such as Asian, Chippendale or American primitive antique pieces.
STEP 3: Check out the accessories. A minimalist room will have very few tabletop accessories, and they will usually be of simple styling themselves. Often you will see a platter with one to three pieces of fruit on it as a centerpiece, or there may be no adornment at all on the furniture.
STEP 4: Ask yourself if there is clutter in a particular room. The minimalist room will be free from collections of figurines, groupings of pictures, stacks of toss pillows, elaborate floral arrangements, busy wreaths or ornately painted furniture.
STEP 5: Look for an absence of layers. Many other styles layer tablecloths, bedding and other items; minimalist does not.
STEP 6: Examine the windows. Simple shades, venetian blinds, tab-top curtains or grommet-topped curtains are prime examples of best-dressed minimalist windows – or the windows can even be left bare.

Tips & Warnings

Although minimalist decor shows few items, whether utilitarian or decorative, the functional necessities are there, but may be stashed in furniture or behind a screen.

From : www.ehow.com

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  1. YING
    2 March 2007 at 5:41 AM

    Hehe~ In my opinion, it’s not a matter about "lazy" or "not lazy".
    Blog is entertainment, not your daily homework.
    So , just write down someting when you wish *^_^*
    Minimalist Style, sounds great! I’ll take it when I have a flat of my own in future. Hehehe~~
    Winter holiday ends, and I’ll back to school in Beijing.
    This time , I haven’t got the express but a slower one which will take me 32hours to get  to Beijing
    Wuwuwuwu, Crying~~
    Boring time on train journey.I hate it!
    By the way ,what’s your job?
    I can’t guess out from your blog & your words.

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