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Gutsy Gibbon

Gutsy Gibbon

This is the First day of the full Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon, One of the most popular Linux distro in modern day.

Meaning – Philosophy – Detail

Ubuntu, pronounced /úbúntù/, is an ethic or humanist philosophy focusing on people’s allegiances and relations with each other. The word has its origin in the Bantu languages of Southern Africa. Ubuntu is seen as a traditional African concept.

Ubuntu (official IPA pronunciation /ùbúntú/ (oo-BOON-too) is a predominantly desktop-oriented Linux distribution, based on Debian GNU/Linux but with a stronger focus on usability, regular releases, and ease of installation. Ubuntu is sponsored by Canonical Ltd, owned by South African billionaire entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth.

Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon), was released on October 18, 2007. Ubuntu aims to use only free software to provide an up-to-date yet stable operating system for the average user.

The number of the version is from year and month that ubuntu was released.

4.10 – Warty Warthog (Sounder)
5.04 – Hoary Hedgehog (Array)
5.10 – Breezy Badger (Colony)
6.06 LTS – Dapper Drake (Flight)
6.10 – Edgy Eft (Knot)
7.04 – Feisty Fawn (Herd)
7.10 – Gutsy Gibbon (Tribe)
8.04 LTS – Hardy Heron
(LTS – Long term support)

Those name are so cute …

This new version support new featured such as

1 Read-Write NTFS drive so now it’s compatible with windows xp/vista partition without need to install other software.

2 You can also use your local language (Thai language for Thais) (included all taskbar, help & anything) with very easy to setup.

3 Easy Printers, the addition of system-config-printer has meant that the kind of auto-detection common with USB sticks and other similar kinds of hardware now comes to printers. Just plug in your printer and watch it work.

4 Easy Hardware and Wireless cards, the Restricted Drivers Manager will tell you when you first start your computers if you have any hardware that might require such drivers, and that one click has been extended to Broadcom wireless cards and Winmodems, allowing you to install the firmware for these cards, although you will need an existing network connection to do this.

And if you’re not sure, you would like to use it or not (or you’re so afraid).
You can simply just donwload Ubuntu and run it without install any program to your harddisk.
YES, it can run full features without harddisk.
You can surf internet, work with openoffice (almost the same as MS office), listen to music, watch movie, play game and etc ….

Just Try It !!!

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